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If Madonna and Leo Tolstoy had a love child, that would be Anika.

Originally from the little island of Avalon, New Jersey, Anika now gets to call the slightly larger isle of Manhattan home. She was raised on classic rock music and classic literature- thank you Mom for passing down your good taste.

Anika graduated from the Institute for American Musical Theatre in New York City with a degree in theatre performance. She is currently in a nutritional sciences program at Cornell University. When not pursing theatre, Anika is passionate about making changes in the fitness and wellness industry.

Recently, Anika began her own styling company. Anika has combined her love for fashion and wellness to cultivate a brand focusing on how to represent yourself professionally with your own confidence. While finding your own personal style is great, the main focus of the company is to build self love through healthy habits both mentally and physically. All outfits will be designed by shopping small and second hand to support local business. For more information visit her style page.

Anika was always encouraged to create and learn. Nothing is impossible if you've got the heart and a good cup of coffee.